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الموضوع: psp360

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    Talking psp360

    السلام عليكم

    مطلوب محاكي الاكس بوكس على psp

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    emulator PSP to Xbox 360
    النسخة الموجوده نوع الفا اي تحتاج للتطوير والاصلاح
    PPSSPP 0.91 Alpha version
    [فقط الأعضاء المسجلين والمفعلين يمكنهم رؤية الوصلات. اضغط هنا للتسجيل...]

    How to use:

    Copy to the Xbox 360
    put a psp iso nameed psp.iso is the same directory as the default.xex
    Launch the default.xex as you would any other homebrew application

    PPSSPP 0.91 Alpha versionProof of concept.Based on PPSSPP 0.91.Usage:put a psp iso name psp.iso is the same directory as default.xexWhat have been done:Fast ppc jit (Can be used in wii/wiiu/ps3). Give a 10x to 20x speedup !DirectX9 backend (Can be ported to Win dows), miss some lights and framebuffer effects.What need to be done next:Finish the ppc jit, 70/80% of the opcode are recompiled, need slow memory paths.Finish the DirectX9 Backend. Fix framebuffers, lights issues.Port FFMpeg for sound and video playback.Port the Atrac3+Add a guiKnow bugs:Jit doesn’t work in real devkit.In some games can’t go in game because of missing video/sound playback => use a save games.Some games are slow (Monster hunter 2) set VertexCache = true to give a big speed up ! Use this with caution! 360 have few memory !Random crashes => Can be fixed by using setting Jit = false and FastMemory = false, but it will slowdown as hell !Lighting issues on Ridger Racer.Framebuffer issues



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